JVD Shield Air Purifier

Made in France, Shield® by JVD unmatched air purification efficiencies and capabilities are second to none. Unlike the usual air purifiers that trap microbes in the HEPA filter without killing them, JVD Shield’s cutting edge technology eliminates microbes effectively and swiftly. This technology meets the most demanding standards, ensuring its harmlessness and very high performance levels. Nothing can withstand it: odours, viruses, bacteria, mould, allergens, pollutants and contaminants dispersed as particulate matter in the ambient air. There is no need to change the HEPA filter throughout the working life of the purifier due to its 'self-disinfecting' capability. This results in complete removal of the risk of secondary exposure to bacteria and virus. Tested across multiple international air quality testing standards in actual room environment conditions and enhanced further with JVD's commitment to indoor air quality (AIQ): Shield Professional Air purification efficiencies are second to none. Be Protected with the Shield!
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Smart Mineralization Technology

Recommended area of purification: 20/40/60m2 up to height of 2.5m

Clean Air Delivery Rate: up to 500m3/hr

Dimensions: H475/W300/D300mm

Noise level: 38-68 dB(A)

Medical Grade H13 Hepa Filter and UV-C Sterilization capabilities

French Design and Made in France

Available in cream white