UV Lights

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UV Germicidal Lamp with Radar Sensor

Schmidt Science & Technology Pte Ltd
Intelligent 360° UV Disinfection Lamp *99% Sterilization Rate *Able to detect moving objects within 5 meters and switch off the UV automatically

Portable LED UV Germicidal Lamp

Schmidt Science & Technology Pte Ltd
180° Portable Handheld UV Disinfection Lamp *Mountable using magnet *Light and easy to keep

UV Sterilization Box

Schmidt Science & Technology Pte Ltd
Portable Fabric UV Sterilization Box

Personal UV Sterilization Box (388101)

JVD Technologies
• Sterilize fabric masks, mobile phones, watches and jewellery and personal belongings • Kills 99.9% of germs ,virus, bacteria with ultra-violet C (UVC) rays • Built-in USB port and wireless charging options for the phone while sterilizing • 3 recommended duration (5, 10, 15 mins) for different items.

UV Sterilization Chest (388102)

JVD Technologies
UV Sterilization Chest is suitable for disinfecting masks, remote controllers, utensils, personal gear and equipment.